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Moody, Earthy Thanksgiving Tablescape

Thanksgiving is easily becoming one of my favorite holidays! I love gathering with family and friends and just making a meal together feel really special.

This year I have the pleasure of planning and decorating our Thanksgiving table again. If you missed last year's post you can read about it here but this year, I'm focusing more on the simplicity of Thanksgiving and what it truly means to be present with the people I love. I'm sharing all the items I'll be using to create our minimal yet moody Thanksgiving table below.

For now, let's dive into my mood board and break down my must-have's for this years table.

Moody Color Palette

-I've had my eyes set on using this golden brown for a while now and it fits in perfectly with my Thanksgiving table design. I'm pairing this with a deep olive green and natural textures from the linen tablecloth and wood cutting boards to complete my earthy, moody color palette.

Simple Details

-My main goal with our table this year is to not overcrowd it with unnecessary things. Simplicity is key here. I'm keeping this years table minimal by only including what is needed; a beautiful table cover, unique plate settings with gorgeous vintage glassware, and my collection of brass candlesticks.

Nature's Beauty

-I love using unexpected items for table decor and this year, I'll use bosc pears (they have a beautiful, earthy brown color) to act as 'napkin rings' and name place card holders.

Linen Tablecloth!

-I personally love a natural linen tablecloth. They are so versatile and can be used for basically any table for any gathering. Another option that would be beautiful is a dark brown linen.

Antique Wood Cutting Boards

-for setting out certain dishes and adding some warmth to the table or counter.

Vintage Plates, Glasses, and Candlesticks

-to add character to the table! I love the simple scalloped edge plate but I also fell in love with vintage floral plates and I think these would be darling for a Thanksgiving table. You can find lots of these on Etsy or try your local thrift store or even grandma's cupboard!

I'd love to hear your thoughts and what you plan to do for your table this year! Do you plan it out ahead of time or just wing it? Let me know down in the comments below.

Thank you so much for reading and I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

Love, Kaci




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