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5 Steps To Create A Simple & Charming Thanksgiving Table

It's that time of year again believe it or not! Time to start planning Thanksgiving meals and preparing for Christmas. If you're worried because you're hosting and haven't thought of your Thanksgiving tablescape yet, don't fret, today I'm sharing 5 steps to create your simple, classic Thanksgiving table!

In our family, we usually don't get "fancy" for Thanksgiving. In the past, we've always gathered for lunch but this year we're changing it up and doing dinner at my mom's farmhouse which gives me the best excuse to go all out this year!

Here are my 5 steps to create a simple and charming Thanksgiving tablescape.

1. Mood Board & Color Palette Don't know where to start? I almost always start with a color palette. I knew I wanted to incorporate dark greens and burnt orange as accent colors. Once I had a color palette in mind, I turned to Pinterest to gather inspiration.

TIP: When creating mood boards you want to mix image types to create a cohesive and well-crafted board. After all, this is a mood board so any image that makes you feel the way you want when you see your design is the right one. (Ex. a photo of a street in Germany had a gorgeous mix of brick, dark greens, and white which is the exact vibe I want for our Thanksgiving table. It's simple but charming.)

(Image via Pinterest)

2. Tablecloth or Runner You want to ground your space by either creating a runner or having a beautiful tablecloth. I am loving fall-colored florals and plaids this year but I also think you can NEVER go wrong with a linen tablecloth. They are so versatile! I would recommend if you're looking to purchase something that you can use for multiple occasions a linen tablecloth is a must but this plaid tablecloth by Magnolia is also so perfect for fall!

3. Centerpiece

I love a beautiful centerpiece for a holiday table! I, personally, love a more asymmetrical floral piece than one that looks perfectly put together. I found some great image inspiration for this on Pinterest. Try typing in "fall wedding table florals" for the best inspiration images when it comes to deciding what you want in your centerpiece.

4. Set The Mood

Yes, it's Thanksgiving and you're with family but in my opinion, candles are a must! I'll be including vintage brass candle holders that I found at a local thrift store for my mom's table this year. It adds the perfect amount of charm.

5. Finishing Touches

Don't skimp out on your stoneware, chargers, napkins, silverware, and glasses! I personally love adding delicate vintage flutes and a warm neutral color plate set.

I hope you find my tips helpful when creating your tablescape this year. Comment below your favorite and be sure to subscribe to my newsletter so you receive updates on when I post on my blog.

Looking forward to sharing more tips and inspiration with you next week!

Tchau, tchau!

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