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Project : Budget-Friendly Living Room Update

It's been a while since we've moved into our house and it's finally starting to feel like us. However, we do have one area that needs more attention and character. Today, I'm sharing our plans for our next project; our living room wall.

Our living room was rather sad when we purchased our home and, frankly, lacked a lot of character. It has come a long way since we've moved in, but we're excited to add some character, interest, and function to this rather boring wall.

Our Plan:

We agreed on vertical shiplap with a budget-friendly built-in cabinet that runs the entire length of our wall. This will allow us ample storage for our kids' toys and books.

We already had an IKEA Besta tv cabinet (pictured above) so our plan is to add another cabinet and add filler and molding pieces so it'll look like custom cabinetry without spending lots of money. If this were our forever home, we'd definitely want to spend the extra money for the good stuff but, for now, we'll settle with IKEA frames and just dressing it up a little.

I've had my eye on Semi-Handmade cabinet fronts for a while and this seemed like the perfect project to incorporate them. As you can see above, we currently have glass fronts and, with kids, it's nearly impossible to hide all the clutter that these cabinets are used for. So, my plan is to order their unfinished cabinet fronts so we can paint them a fun, bold color, and finish it off with brass hardware and unique wall sconces. It's a win-win in my eyes; a beautiful cabinet that hides all the kids' stuff.

My Inspiration:

I've been inspired by dark colors lately and recently found these images on Pinterest that really inspired my choice of color. It really came down to either a dark blue or dark green and, ultimately, my husband and I agreed on Sherwin-Williams Dark Night. I love how this color looks when accented with antique brass finishes and vintage accessories.

(via Pinterest)

I'm excited to finally finish this space and make it functional and beautiful for our family. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Would you go dark and bold or keep it neutral?

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