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DIY Modern Textural Wall Art

Have you ever wanted a piece of art but it was WAYYY out of your budget?!

Today I'm sharing a Do-It-Yourself that looks expensive but only costs around $12!!! My inspiration was a $968.oo piece of art from McGee and Co.

Materials needed:

-plywood cut to size (this will be your "canvas")

-1x2's for the sides and top of your "canvas"

-screws or nails

-joint compound

-putty knife

1. Start by nailing or screwing your wood together to form your canvas.

2. Once your canvas is ready, let the fun begin! Start by scooping your joint compound and pasting it over the plywood with your putty knife to create the design and texture you want. TIP: This does not have to be perfect! Make it unique and make it yours!

I opted for leaving mine bare white. I absolutely love how minimal yet textural this piece is! Play around with it and have fun!

Other options:

-Add color paint to joint compound

-Use a plastic fork to create a comb-like effect in the joint compound

Overall I'm extremely happy with the outcome. I ended up spending about $12 total for this DIY and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants this look for less.

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