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Behind The Scenes : My Trip to HPMKT Fall 2021

Last week I attended a quick day trip to the Fall furniture market at High Point. Today I'm sharing my favorite places and sources I saw plus tips and tricks I'd recommend for anyone attending.

Let me say, if I could give any advice for going to market it's to plan your day(s) ahead of time. Especially if you're only doing a day or two like me. Also, in my opinion it's a must to download the HPMKT app. It was VERY helpful and something I used the entire day.

Another tip I'd give is to use the free shuttles! If you know where you want to go and have a plan, the shuttles make it super easy and take all the guess work out of finding parking and worrying about the traffic and all the one-way streets in downtown High Point.

I started by planning out the showrooms I wanted to go to then made a list on the app. I parked at the Oak Hollow Mall's free parking location and took a shuttle from there. We arrived at the main location and from there I hopped onto the red or green line shuttle to go to my must see showrooms.

Now, let's dive in to the good stuff. Here are some of my favorite finds at High Point this Fall!

F I R S T S T O P :

Bobo Intriguing Objects and Golden Oldies

These showrooms are perfect for finding one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. All the furniture was comfortable and had a lived-in look which I love.

(Bobo Intriguing Objects)

(Bobo Intriguing Objects)

(Golden Oldies)

This window detail sparked so much inspiration!

(Golden Oldies)

(Golden Oldies)

S E C O N D S T O P :

Visual Comfort

VC has all the beautiful, well-designed lighting and is a designer go-to! You can find lighting made by several top designers.

T H I R D S T O P :


I fell in love with the lighting at Arteriors! You can see why below...

That crackle finish was so imperfectly perfect!

Stunning floor lamp from Arteriors.

F O U R T H S T O P :


This chair had a gorgeous walnut back detail! Everything was just so cozy here.

Verellen was filled with all the cozy vibes!

F I F T H S T O P :

Schwung Home

Schwung Home had stunning antiques and unique lighting!

This chandelier was MASSIVE in person! So beautiful!

S I X T H S T O P :

Baker Furniture

Baker is a luxurious contemporary and traditional brand. They had a stunning showroom!

S E V E N T H & F I N A L S T O P :

Cisco Brothers

Q U I C K R E C A P :

T O P T I P S :

  • Plan ahead of time! (Know the showrooms you want to see and plan accordingly.)

  • Use the HPMKT app.

  • Utilize the free shuttles offered to you.

  • Wear comfortable shoes! You'll be walking ALOT.

Thanks for following along! Stay tuned next week as I'll be sharing my favorite and most used design software programs.

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