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A New Series 'Inspiring Places' - The Table Farmhouse Bakery, NC

Welcome to my first 'Inspiring Places' post, one that's long overdue but it's finally here! Inspiring places is a blog series where I'll share beautifully decorated spaces, whether it's a commercial space or residential space, and break down the design details from my perspective. My goal is to inspire you to travel and also train your eye to see how the small details come together to make up great design. I'll also source like items and give tips on how you can achieve a similar look. Good design makes you feel something and I'm excited to break down the details with you over this series.

To start, I want to highlight one of my favorite hometown bakeries in Asheboro, North Carolina - The Table. If you're ever in the area, The Table is a must for breakfast or lunch if you want to have a beautiful meal in a great atmosphere!

A Little Background

Asheboro is a small but mighty city. If you've ever met a local who is active in the community they'll tell you it's very community-driven and oftentimes everybody knows everybody. That's why when The Table was started, it immediately became a hit in town.

One thing I love so much about The Table is its sense of community. It's the perfect spot to meet up with an old friend over lunch or meet your mother and sister or brother on their lunch break.

Dustie Gregson, the owner of the bakery, took the old existing building and turned it into something beautiful! She kept many of the original details such as the windows and tin ceiling but has updated them to feel new and fresh. I think part of the reason this bakery feels so comforting and welcoming is the simple farmhouse decor, beautiful cuisine, and the smell of fresh coffee and bakery items.

The Design

One thing that sets The Table apart from a design perspective is its classic white and black farmhouse decor and charming aesthetic. During the spring and summer, you'll always find gorgeous planter boxes lining the patio with fresh herbs and flowers and the french blue front door is just as charming as it sounds! Simple white umbrellas offer shade for those who wish to sit outside and enjoy the weather and watch the downtown traffic drive by over lunch.

Inside, you're met with an oversized chandelier custom-made from antique glass milk bottles that immediately becomes the focal point of the space. As you walk in, you immediately pass by The Market which houses locally made items such as granola, t-shirts, and tea so that you can support local artisans. Then you come up to the beautiful display of homemade, fresh pastries and desserts to place your order. After that, it's time to find your seat at The Table and enjoy your favorite latte, meal, or dessert.

Achieve The Look

Below I've added some simple, farmhouse furniture that is a great starting point if you're looking to achieve a look similar to The Table. Think beautiful marble, antique or dark wood, linen slipcovered chairs, charming plates, and glass vases filled with fresh flowers. I've put together a design board below with a few of my favorite items so you can see how they come together to make up a cohesive design.

(Visit links by clicking on the photos below)


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