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4 Steps to Incorporate Your Travels Into Your Design.

Have you ever traveled somewhere so beautiful that you've thought to yourself you never want to leave? Well I'm here to help you make your space beautiful and one that represents places you've traveled in 4 of my simple steps.

Tips To Achieve A Well-Traveled Home Without It Feeling Overdone.

TIP ONE : Use colors that you associate with that location as your accent colors.

-Love traveling to tropical destinations? Blue's and greens are your go-to accent. How about France? Maybe incorporate creams, dark greens, and french blue? The point is, find two or three colors you love that really feel like your favorite travel spot. Use them for curtains, accent pillows, and decoration accents in your space.

TIP TWO : Bring back unique finds from your trip.

-If you see something while you are out that you love, chances are you'll love bringing them into your own home as well. Whether its handmade woven baskets or a vintage turkish rug or a painting you purchased on the street. Having items that mean something to you will make you feel so much happier than something you randomly purchase from the home store.

TIP THREE : Take photos!!!

-Not necessarily with you in them but more of your surroundings. Think cool architecture, sunrises/sunsets, random street photos, beautiful landscapes/trees/flowers. This is a chance for you to get creative and when you come home you now have options for wall art! But these photos will mean more to you and you'll have a story to tell behind them.

TIP FOUR : Textures, Textures, Textures!

-When you travel chances are there will be a reoccurring theme for the fabrics and textures used everywhere. Do linen, velvet, or sheer fabrics stand out to you? How about the wood finishes? Are there lots of rattan, teak, mahogany, or maple used for furniture or flooring? Without a doubt you'll use fabrics and wood when designing your space so really take the time to think about what you usually find in your travels. This will complete your well-traveled design.

In closing, if you want your space to feel collected and well-traveled follow these steps and you too can have a beautiful space that you love.

Check out my other blog post to see how I designed my guest bedroom with my trip to Brazil in mind.

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